Fear By Jeannette

I had an incredible dream early this morning. It was about fear. My dreams are typically interesting, vivid and in color. On a rare occasion I’ll experience a dream that I know I’ll remember the rest of my life. This was one of those dreams.

This particular dream began in black in white and with a great sense of urgency. I was forced to leave a dear friend. I promised her that I’d return, but she was paralyzed with fear that I’d never come back. After some time I returned as promised. I knocked on her door repeatedly, but there was no answer, only an eerie silence that told me something was very wrong. I broke into her home and walked over to a room with a closed-door. I opened the door and found her slumped over in the corner with her face to the wall. I looked around and was horrified and angry to find the room was infested with fear. The walls were like catacombs and porous. Fear had embedded itself into the walls. Each cavity contained an amoebic shaped being with a haunted face that moaned and wailed. It had become part of the walls it lived in and was feeding off my friend like a parasite. I grabbed my emaciated friend in one arm and wretched each being out of its cell with my other hand. It took all the strength I had to eradicate fear. I carried my friend out of the room, out of the house and into the light. Black and white turned to color and then I awoke.

I believe this dream is very symbolic. So often we let fear hinder our lives. I know all too well as I guarded my heart for years with a wall made of humor and smart ass comments. There are so many fears that can detour our lives if we let it. Fear of being hurt … fear of hurting someone else … fear of death … fear of failure … fear of the unknown … fear of the power that’s within each of us. Instead of letting fear keep us from our goals we should harness it and use it as a too to reach our goals and achieve self-actualization.

Yes, I realize the friend I saved was me. The above image is an illustration I drew to illustrate this dream.


One Response to “Fear By Jeannette”

  1. Such an awesome job, Jeanette. I loved it.

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