Significant Other~Will Never Your Eyes, Soul, Heart By Dana

When I first looked into your eyes,
I knew you would hold my hand.
On our first date, you looked in my eyes

and said, by my side, you would stand.

How did you know already that you loved me?

How did I know that you would never leave my side?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, you see, 

and we gave each other our souls as we met with our eyes.

When you told me you loved me,

I already knew

that I was in it for the long-run, sweetie!

Because I Loved You too!

Unfortunately, you were in it too,

and your long-run was quite bumpy.

My life ended up quite chronic and way too true!

When you said “will you?” you also got my chronic pain~crummy!!!

I said yes! without a thought.

I know you had at least one or two…

There hasn’t been one struggle that together we haven’t fought

because we are soul mates, and that is what we do.

For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,

If only we knew how hard it would be.

I never wanted wealth,

but one day with no pain would be SWEET!

You have made each day a little better,

and each night with less pain,

You have made me able to write this letter,

and given me a kiss that takes all the bad away!

Do I take you to be my husband?

Yes, yes, yes!

I would do it again and again.

You have kept me from becoming a complete mess.

You have taken on so much

from helping with our home,

to cooking without a fuss,

and most importantly–being my caretaker/caregiver all on your own.

You bathed me,

shaved my legs and washed my hair.

You help with our baby,

and you always care.

I have had surgeries,

even replaced my joints.

You have taken me for I.V.’s and helped with injuries,

and you have always been there, which gives you brownie points!!!

I will say “I do” again and again,

I would hope you would too.

In this relationship, I win,

but I hope that you would also again and again say “I do”.

I hope that just because my body is falling apart,

you will always know who you met,

when you first looked into my eyes, into my soul and saw my heart.

That person is still there and will never your eyes, soul, heart forget!!!!!


2 Responses to “Significant Other~Will Never Your Eyes, Soul, Heart By Dana”

  1. I love this, what a beautiful story of love, courage and hope. You brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

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