Tell Me The Truth By Kelly

My entire life I have been real; blunt, honest, to the point.  I never sugar coated anything because I always wanted the truth from my friends, so I made sure to give them the same treatment I wished for.  Maybe it was a little naïve on my part, but I have just always assumed that if you were my friend then you accepted and loved me the way I was.  In other words my friends were used to me telling them they had pepper in their teeth, and in general I was always thanked for letting them know.  If you got your feelings hurt because I pointed out something I thought you should know it automatically put you in the foe category.

Yet, as I have aged this dynamic has shifted a bit.  Three months ago had you and I met, and begun talking, I would have just known fate had thrown you in my life for some reason, and that you would be here until that purpose was fulfilled, or until we grew apart, since life tends to do that to friends.  Several times over this past six months I have grown into my own a bit, learning for myself what it is that I want to accomplish on this earth, learning to be the mom and wife I want to be.  Mainly it has been this amazing ride where I found out that all those years of me being bluntly honest were not spent in vain.  All those “friends” I lost because I was too straight forward was not for nothing.  All those years of me putting my foot in my mouth turned out to be great practice for being a Patient Activist.

The friends I have collected and treasured over the years have played a large role in my life as a PA.  The real friends stick by you and encourage you through honesty and integrity.  They stand tall for you and they never ever give up on you.  Real friends, TRUE friends never get mad at you for being boldly blunt.  It turns out that when your goals involve wanting to teach the world about the disease that afflicts you and your friends, modesty flies out the window, and honesty becomes a key player.   If I was shy, how could I tell you all those symptoms that make even me blush, or how could I ask those questions that embarrassed me to even think about asking, and most importantly how could I be honest, how could I be ME, an AS Activist, if I could not be real?  So yeah, the answer is, I couldn’t be me without the amazing ability I have to be able to share with the world every aspect of my personal life……..AS is just a disease that makes me who I am, a Person. Blunt, loud, awkward, silly, dark, passionate, caring, REAL. I wont apologize for being me. Nope….


One Response to “Tell Me The Truth By Kelly”

  1. The truth, nothing but the truth So help me God.

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