Jackie Aitchison


I have had AS, diagnosed, for nearly 40 years now. I have suffered from many of the associated problems, I have had spinal surgery, my spine is now nearly completely fused so I have a very bent back (I know there is a medical term, but hey lets keep it simple) and my neck has little movement. I need a stick to get around these days since last fracture.

I hope my blogs are helpful and informative, my mission is to speak plainly and clearly about any and all connected issues I can think of, as I have a fairly good understanding of life with AS. The friends and families of fellow AS’s can find it as difficult to learn about the disease as the patient, so honest information is so important. Also for those in the early stages of diagnosis I hope they will read and learn and investigate so they are well armed in with information on the treatments available and how they can help themselves to try and avoid having to live with the level of disfigurement I have.

And lastly I hope to show that despite it all, keeping a sense of humour, trying to smile and be positive, and remembering that although your life maybe under the spell of AS, you must still be you. In my case that is shown with my love of cats, handbags, books, jewellery, my red hair and colour co-ordinated walking sticks, I mean a girl has to have some standards!!


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